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I'm on time today!

I hope you've all had a good weekend, and for those of you in the U.S., a good July 4th celebration.

"Love Satellite" - Clazziquai

Rejoice! Rejoice! Clazziquai is back! Just when I started missing their music, Clazziquai has finally come back with a new single called "Love Satellite". True to their signature sound, you can expect to jam to this new song either at home or in a darkly lit, chic lounge. This particular song also gives me a bit of a disco vibe, which as a woman who sometimes feels like she was born in the wrong decade, fits right into my taste in music. The MV is reminiscent of the movie Penelope (starring Christina Ricci, Reese Witherspoon and James McAvoy) only because of the man with the pig snout for a nose. The main character's voice in the MV gives me the creeps, but overall, it's an interesting take on the alien/outsider finding a place in the world through the love of somebody. I'm just glad Clazziquai is back; I'm hoping that means more music to come soon!

"가끔" (Cover) - 백예린

If the artist's voice sounds familiar, you might remember her from my previous song suggestions by the female duo 15&. Yerin, 1/2 of 15&, comes out with song covers every now and then, and no surprise, she nails every single one of them, including this one. "가끔" is a song originally by Crush, a K-R&B/Hip-Hop artist who I'd say is similar in style to Taeyang; here's the equally awesome original if you wanna check it out. I'm sure I've mentioned this in my other 15& recommendations, but I absolutely love the quality of Yerin's voice; its texture is the perfect balance of clarity and rasp, making her voice a great match for R&B songs like "가끔". I know I might be sounding like a broken record already, but I do encourage you all to take a listen to 15&'s songs; they're worth a listen if you love powerhouse vocals.

"Promise" - Jagged Edge

Here's a song I've pulled out of the year 2000, a time when men's fashion consisted of all things baggy and down to the knees. But anyway, 2000 was also a good year for music, the threshold of a new millennium and a new era in music. Jagged Edge is a good example of a group that teetered between the 2 decades--one in which groups were still acceptable, and another in which solo artists became more of a norm. While BSB, N'Sync, 98 Degrees and a slew of other boybands had my attention in pop, Jagged Edge had my attention in R&B. And while they may not be in today's Hot 100 charts, they still had a decent run during their time (and still come up with jam-worthy R&B tracks nowadays). "Promise" is one such track of yesteryears, filled with a harmonious blend of R&B voices, following in the footsteps of the 90s masters Boyz II Men (though ofc, no one can topple them off their throne). The song in itself is nothing groundbreaking, but it's one of their best tracks nonetheless.

"Strict Machine" - Goldfrapp

There are songs that make me want to cry, others that make me want to fall in love, and there are those that make me want to strip. Yes, I said strip. Songs that make me feel sexually alive and empowered, free from all the slut-shaming in today's society. "Strict Machine", among many others, is one such empowering song.

"Partition" - Beyonce

And on the note of sexual liberation, no one does it like Queen Bey. This burlesque piece simply embodies what I love about Beyonce--she's not afraid to be herself, a sexual human being who will not let anybody or any BS normalized standards in society prevent her from doing what she wants to do. This post is an ode to my queen.
I'm sorry! I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!

I know this post is a few days late, but I'm hoping the exceptionally awesome batch of music I'll be sharing today will help me make up for it.

So without further ado, let's get right to this week's Music Sundays Wednesday!

"Red Light" - f(x)

#itsbeen84years since f(x)'s last comeback, and boy oh boy, did they deliver. Right from the slew of Lara Croft+American Horror Story-esque individual teaser photos on f(x)'s official website to the short MV snippets provided by various music shows, the hype surrounding this comeback was hot, hot, hot. And finally, after days of anticipating this new mysterious f(x), SM graced us with the full MV. While the song itself, with its IGAB-reminiscent sound of multiple songs combined into one, has yet to take its place anywhere near my favorite f(x) track, the video is aesthetically superb, so much so that I dare to say that in all my years of watching SM MVs, I can't think of any other that has visually stimulated me as much as f(x)'s "Red Light". And that's a lot of MVs. The cinematography in itself can stand alone as an art piece instead of being a background/platform for choreography or getting shots of the artists. I've always appreciated f(x) as the dark horse of SM, and it's about damn time the company put some effort into them. Now if only we can get an official fandom name and solo concert, I'll be a happy camper. Until then, I will keep using #justiceforfx.

"Sky Blue Promise" - g.o.d

Speaking of #itsbeen84years, g.o.d is FINALLY back after a decade hiatus. The song uses one of the group's earlier hits ("One Candle") as its base, marrying the communal feeling of nostalgia among fans with the group's and the fans' present feeling of renewal. The previous struggles of the individual members and the group (Hoyoung's depression and Kyesang's departure from the group) make the group's comeback even more special, and the song is a testament to that. The title in itself is a dedication to the fans, as sky blue is the color used by the g.o.d fandom a decade back. The lyrics speak of the group's apology towards fans for having us wait a decade for this comeback and reminiscing about the old days of promoting as g.o.d. As a fan, I nearly cried watching the teasers and the MV, and I look forward to cheering them on again as their new album comes out on the 8th.

"Umbrella" - Younha

If this sounds familiar to you, it's because of the song's older sibling with the same name, an original piece by Epik High. Younha was the featured artist in the original song, and in honor of her 10th anniversary in the music industry, Epik High's Tablo presented her with a solo version of the song. And while the original version will always hold a special place in my heart, Younha's new solo is a great reminder of the singer's beautiful vocals. There's an innocence, a kind of precariousness that you can hear when she sings the song, which incidentally matches the piano instrumental perfectly. The song is a good throwback, and I'm hoping also a sign of more new music to come from Younha.

"18 Years" - So Ji Sub

I know what you're thinking: "So Ji Sub, as in the actor?" But before you scoff and skip this track, take a second and listen, and you might just stay for the whole song. While the man is well-known for his good looks and acting chops, So Ji Sub also has a hip-hop dream, and I must say, this one's not bad, not bad at all. Unlike his previous release "Pick-Up Line", "18 Years" seems to be a darker, more personal piece, a commentary on his life in the limelight. The song in itself is nothing groundbreaking, but every element--lyrics, beat, his flow, melody--all work together well enough to make me wanna put this on my iPod.

"Dream" - gn.E ft. Kim Sung Hee

This one's a throwback to the year 2009, a year after the end of golden year of K-Pop. As the golden age was dying down, this song inconspicuously caught my attention with its dreamy sound (no pun intended) and smooth vocals. I had no idea who the artist was, and as far as I was concerned, it was a rare, one-hit-wonder kind of find. Now, years later, I've found that the artist formerly known as g.nE is now part of a group called AA as Aoora. I have no knowledge of this group, but it's good to know he has found a new home. Whether his group succeeds or not, he can at least take comfort that he has one good song in his portfolio.
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